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Let's Work Together! 

The relationship between student & teacher is collaborative. Together we work to create an atmosphere that is safe and respectful in order to allow for discovery, creativity, and growth.


The Stefanie Weigand Vocal Studio operates under the philosophy that everyone can sing. By studying the connection between our body, our breath, and our sound, we are able to access our voices in new and exciting ways. Through the study of Laban, the Alexander Technique, Viewpoints, and Feldenkrais I have learned that these connections strengthen our work as vocalists as well as stage actors. In turn, my students learn how to care for their whole instrument, from head to toe, in order to reach their goals and discover the unique sounds of their voice. 

We know that vocal health and self care is essential and obtainable with proper training. Wherever you are in your vocal journey, you can find your place in our studio. With experience in a variety of genres from Musical Theatre to Jazz, from Funk to Classical, Stefanie is here to support your voice with an eye on long-term use and care. 

At UVM, anyone can enroll in voice lessons! Vocal Performance majors receive the training to maintain a long and healthy career; Music Ed majors learn how to care for their voices and get the information they need to pass on this knowledge to their own students; MTB majors will develop an understanding of how to use the voice in and out of the studio through Contemporary Commercial rep of their choosing; Musical Theatre minors can explore a variety of repertoire in the canon while preparing for performance and/or auditions; all non-majors are welcome to enroll as well and can focus on any and all material that interests them, whether or not they are ultimately interested in performance or simply looking to improve their skills. 

Registration is open for the Fall '24 semester at UVM (Burlington, VT) 
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