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Performer • Conductor • Clinician

Discover your creative self through music.

Let's Create Music Together

The relationship between student & teacher is collaborative. Together we work to create an atmosphere that is safe and respectful in order to allow for discovery, creativity, and growth.


The Stefanie Weigand Vocal Studio operates under the philosophy that everyone can sing. By studying the connection between our body, our breath, and our sound, we are able to access our voices in new and exciting ways. My students learn how to care for their whole instrument, from head to toe, in order to reach their goals and care for their voice. 

We know that vocal health and self care is essential and obtainable with proper training. Whether you're just getting started, looking to reinvigorate your passion for music, working towards a career in performance, or hoping to maintain your instrument for a lifetime of singing, you can find your place in our studio. 

Registration is open for the Fall '24 semester at UVM. 
Information available below:


University of Vermont
Catamount Singers

This select chamber ensemble is open to everyone across campus. In addition to our regular concerts, we perform at a number of off-campus events throughout the semester, including senior living homes, Burlington's Hope Lodge, and local schools.

Auditions are held during the first week of the semester.

Performance in a variety of genres

From musical theatre to jazz, rock, funk, and classical. Stefanie has performed as both a live soloist and studio vocalist in a variety of genres.

Soprano in red.jpeg

"Ciel Brouille" by Mary Kouyoumdjian

Performed by TURNmusic on May 15, 2016. 
TURNmusic is a contemporary chamber ensemble that offers a fresh, new type of concert experience here in Vermont. These are professional, quality performances in relaxed venues with affordable and accessible ticket prices.

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